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Gsnk® Roller Bearings

Gsnk® combines cylindrical and spherical roller bearing designs into one easy-to-assemble, high-capacity configuration. It's ideal for applications with combined misalignment and axial displacement.

Gsnk® Roller Bearings

Spherical rollSpherical roller bearings are similar to the combination of cylindrical bearings and spherical roller bearings. The number of rolling elements is higher than that of spherical rollers of the same quality. It has good applicability to industrial parts with axial displacement under working conditions.

Spherical roller bearings are developed from the combination of cylindrical rollers and spherical roller bearings. The appearance is characterized by a cylindrical inner ring and an outer ring with a curved channel. It has the respective properties of cylindrical and spherical rollers. It has the unique design properties of three-point contact, has good adaptability to axial displacement and dislocation, and has reasonable contact stress distribution, which makes the bearing stable and reliable.

Main advantage
Sophisticated performance testing
GSNK company has done a complete performance test on the product and other bearings of the same application range and obtained the following results:

The spherical roller bearing is composed of inner and outer ring rolling element retainers. This design simplifies the difficulty of installation, disassembly and inspection. The rolling elements travel multiple independent components under the fixing of the retainer. This bearing has no installation direction during installation. The restraint can be installed in any direction according to the needs of the site, and does not require specific tools. It is very convenient for users to install.

Continuous casting machine
Paper machinery
Medical equipment
Power generation
Solar energy

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