Company Culture

The production and preparation of the company's products are becoming more and more perfect, which is the result of the efforts of every GSNK employee. We have more confidence in the upgrading and challenges of the industry. A perfect preparation industry chain and a design team with strong innovation ability make every product endowed with precision The attributes of the product have greatly improved the competitiveness of our products. We continue to strive to make our industrial products more convenient for the public, leaving simplicity to experience, shielding complexity before delivery, and making our products simple and convenient.

Our Culture

Our mission to move the world forward begins with each of our associates. We’re committed to delivering next-level performance as we extend our lead in key markets and expand into new ones. How? We’ll challenge you to seek out innovative ways to make an impact daily. Not just for the company and our customers, but for the community and your own career.


Our Core Values

Keep promises and abide by the law

Follow the agreement and pay taxes on time

Stable quality

We adhere to the same global quality inspection standards and do not engage in differentiation

unite together

The company and employees work together to develop

Technological innovation

Don't stick to the status quo, you dare to think that we have a team to help you

We are together

The company pays more attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and encourages them to develop their own interests and hobbies, so that work is not rigid and life is more perfect. Let's discover together

Work skills development and practice

party entertainment


On-the-job training development

Young people can help development

Harmonious work environment

In the company's globalization strategy, employees in multiple regional branches have their own distinctive characteristics. The company never restricts employees, because everyone has their own beliefs and customs. We fully respect everyone in the company, and do not make a unified rigid system to let employees Fully reflect your own value.

Diversity and Inclusion

Supporting One Another

You’ll find several Associate Resource Groups that not only engage, develop and unite our associates, but help influence the direction of our company. Some examples include:

Multicultural Association of Professionals

Promoting multicultural awareness, understanding and integration.

Women’s International Network

Ensuring women have opportunities to reach their full potential.

Young Professionals Network

Helping young talent develop personally and professionally.