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Gsnk® Tapered Roller

Tapered roller thrust bearings can withstand heavier axial loads and peak loads. Bearings are rigid and require little axial space.

Type TTHDFL-V-flat Thrust Tapered Roller Bearing

V type flat raceway tapered roller thrust bearing
V-type flat race tapered roller thrust bearings are available in two styles: TTVF (standard) and TTVS (self-aligning). These bearings combine the advantages of tapered thrust bearings and cylindrical roller bearings to provide the highest possible load capacity of any thrust bearing of this size.

TTVF (standard)
Type TTVF bearings were originally developed for thrust down units in metallurgical mills, where thrust loads in excess of one million pounds are common. This type of bearing provides the highest possible load carrying capacity of a thrust bearing, and its design includes a flat washer and a tapered raceway washer that mates with the rollers.

TTVS (self-aligning)
Type TTVS bearings use the same basic roller and raceway design as type TTVF, except that the bottom washers are two-piece, allowing for self-centering under the initially eccentric condition.

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