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Gsnk® Spherical Plain Bearings

Spherical plain bearings can rotate and oscillate at any angle. According to their different types and structures, they can bear radial loads, axial loads or combined radial and axial loads.

Angular Contact Thrust Spherical Plain Bearings

Angular contact thrust spherical plain bearings can bear the combined load of radial and axial loads at the same time, limiting the axial displacement of both sides of the shaft. It is composed of outer ring, inner ring, steel ball and cage, which can work stably at high speed. When installing, it should be noted that although the bearing can bear bidirectional axial load, if there is a gap for ball loading on one side, care should be taken not to let the main axial load pass through the groove on the side with the gap.

Large load capacity
Maintenance free
Easy to install

Textile machinery
Construction machinery
Construction machinery
Industrial fan
Medical Devices

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