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Gsnk® Integrated Bearing Assemblies

For automotive designers, the unit is a robust wheel-end solution capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Extended service life helps reduce maintenance costs.

Wheel End System

The hub bearing unit enables the wheel to turn freely and smoothly and plays a vital role in vehicle safety. They combine precision bearings and sensors and, increasingly, special coatings and greases for higher performance.

We offer a range of wheel bearing units for different car models. For example, one design has a double row angular contact ball bearing with mating rings and ball sets to provide the required axial clearance. This bearing unit combines the flange with the bearing outer ring, while the other combines the flange with the rotating ring.

Other improvements to our product range include bearing units with improved ABS and TCU sensors. The other features an anti-corrosion coating that simplifies bearing removal for knuckles and rims.

Performance advantages:
Optimized contact angle provides specific preload for specific wheel loads
Lightweight, compact design
Models available for all types of vehicles
Anti-corrosion coating adds protection and simplifies disassembly
Low friction grease and preload range help reduce friction

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