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Gsnk® Integrated Bearing Assemblies

For automotive designers, the unit is a robust wheel-end solution capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Extended service life helps reduce maintenance costs.

Generation 3 Hub & Bearing Assembly

To improve overall fuel efficiency and reliability, designers study every part of the vehicle to find improvements.

For wheel applications, improving fuel efficiency and reliability requires component solutions that improve performance and reduce friction. Our high-performance wheel bearing units have made significant advancements in design, sealing, lubrication and material selection to make this possible.

These bearing units are made of clean, homogeneous steel with very low oxygen content. An improved triple-lip seal improves sealing performance, while friction is reduced using a new rubber compound and an optimized design. The raceway geometry has also been improved to provide higher thrust load capacity and lower contact and edge stresses. Special lubricants help inhibit raceway rust, prevent frictional corrosion indentation, and extend the temperature range.

Performance advantages:
Triple-lip seals improve sealing performance
Excellent steel quality (very pure, low in oxygen)
New raceway geometry reduces contact and edge stress
Lubricant prevents raceway rust and tribocorrosion indentation
Reduced seal friction helps reduce power loss

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