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Gsnk® Inch Double Row

The outer ring (or inner ring) of a double row tapered roller bearing is a single piece. The small end faces of the two inner rings (or outer rings) are similar, and there is a spacer in the middle. The clearance is adjusted by the thickness of the spacer

SR (Two-Row Non-Adjustable)

SR (double row non-adjustable bearing) features and advantages:

High load carrying capacity
SR (double row non-adjustable bearings) can withstand heavy radial and axial loads. Suitable for most industrial applications. They have two spacers and an optional snap ring for axial positioning. Low cost and low investment.

Extended service life
The convex raceway curve profile of the basic bearing and the logarithmic contact curve profile of the GSNK  bearing optimize the load distribution on the contact surface and reduce the stress on the roller ends, compared with traditional direct raceway curve bearings. Sensitivity to misalignment and axis shift.

Improve operational reliability
The surface finish of the contact surfaces of the rollers and raceways facilitates the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricant film.

Consistency of roller profiles and dimensions
Roller manufacturing tolerances and dimensional accuracy of SR (double-row non-adjustable bearings) are so close that they are almost identical. This achieves load distribution, reduces noise and vibration levels, and enables more precise preloading.

Application: Automotive Configuration

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