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Gsnk® Inch Double Row

The outer ring (or inner ring) of a double row tapered roller bearing is a single piece. The small end faces of the two inner rings (or outer rings) are similar, and there is a spacer in the middle. The clearance is adjusted by the thickness of the spacer

2TS-TM (Spacer Assembly with Tandem Mounting)

2TS-TM bearing has a spacer between the two inner rings, and the clearance can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the spacer. This type of bearing can bear two-way axial load while bearing radial load, and can limit the axial displacement of the shaft and the housing within the range of the bearing's axial clearance.

Design properties:
Convenient and interchangeable structure
The number of washers is easy to choose
Can be installed and debugged according to your needs

Application: Piston Pump Electric Motor

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